HSE: Health, Safety and Environmental

GTS considers safeguarding the environment and preserving the health and integrity of its employees, contractors, and neighbouring communities as an absolute prerequisite to other business objectives.

Therefore GTS is committed to improving continuously their HSE performance by:
  • Promoting the principle that all accidents can be avoided, and establishing the near miss program at the corporate level
  • Minimising the impact of their activities on the environment and acknowledging and respecting the interests of local communities
  • Assuring a safe and healthy workplace for their employees and the personnel of their contractors
  • Reporting and communicating openly their HSE performance
  • Complying with industry standards and local and international regulations (HACCP) in relation to HSE
Acting on these commitments, GTS undertakes to:
  • Demonstrate committed leadership through its line management and demand the same commitment from all its subcontractors
  • Set and monitor ambitious and realistic HSE objectives
  • Allocate sufficient resources
  • Define the HSE responsibilities of every employee and provide the appropriate measures
  • Evaluate hazards, assess associated risks and establish controls and recovery measures
  • Define and develop procedures to work safely in all circumstances, and minimise the impact of its activity
  • Rigorously implement all HSE procedures, actively use reporting to monitor difficulties and accidents, and take corrective action to improve constantly its HSE Management system
  • The application of these principles by all personnel is fundamental to improving our professionalism and the quality of the services we render to our clients.